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Panagbenga Grand Float Parade

Panagbenga 2017 Grand Float Parade

So here I am again posting pictures of the Panagbenga Festival Grand Float Parade. The Panagbenga Grand Float Parade as describe by the BFFFI as “The major highlight of the Festival, the biggest and grandest of its kind in the country. Flowers and other organic material decked floats are paraded and displayed.”  Yes it is[…]

panagbenga festival

All set for Baguio Panagbenga 2017

Baguio City all set for the upcoming Panagbenga 2017. Here are the traditional events that are scheduled for you. For years I had been shooting and posting pictures of the Panagbenga Festival and I was hoping that I can still shoot the Panagbenga 2017 Festival for you to view it on my blog. Bur for[…]

The residences at Brent

Residences at Brent opens Forbes Hall

March 12,2016 marks the day that The Residences at Brent opens its newest building the Forbes hall. The residences at Brent – Forbes Hall has a total of 22 units ready to be occupied anytime. The 22 units are spacious enough that occupants can choose from a 1 bedroom unit (64-72 sqm), a 2 bedroom[…]

Shantong Soup

Shantong Soup in Baguio City

Have you ever heard of this Axe’s Cafe and Panciteria that is located along the Gibraltar Road, near the very famous Wright Park of Baguio City. Well part of being an event photographer or videographer is to mingle with clients and also to enjoy their treat after a photo shoot. Well I discovered Axe’s when[…]

Christmas Village

Family time: A night at Baguio Christmas Village 2015

While the Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas celebration, it is always been anticipated because of the extravagant decorations and feasts. Baguio Christmas village is just an example of that. We’d been to the Christmas village 2 years ago with my nephews and it was a gratifying experience. The kids enjoyed the “snow”[…]

Madaymen Kibungan

Benguet on Freezing Temperature

Last January 24, 2015 shuttercaptured was lucky to cover a wedding ay Madaymen Kibungan, Benguet. I was also lucky to get a glimpse and experience the so cold freezing temperature of the place and it was really freezing that I did not get a good sleep the night before the wedding but this is what[…]

lemon pie in Baguio

Lemon Pie In Baguio!!!!

Lemons! Delicious and healthy.  Lemons aren’t native in Baguio but nothing’s impossible when the tummy’s looking for some nourishing desert. And that is definitely the lemon pie in Baguio. Wait? Really? Where can I find those lemon pies?   It actually started from a simple try. One rainy day, we had this urge to have[…]

Panagbenga Festival Floats

Baguio City Panagbenga Festival 2015 Schedule

  Panagbenga Festival Schedule for 2015 – Theme “Across 20 Years of Blossoming Together” Calendar of Events from February 1 to March 8, 2015   This Panagbenga Festival schedule is just the partial schedule. Feb 01 Opening parade with street dancing and lyre and drum competition Feb 01 Start of 5 week Baguio Blooms Exhibition[…]


PMA Salaknib Class 2017 Welcomes PMA ALAB TALA Class 2018

After 6 months of training comes the most awaited recognition right of 319 plebes who survived the very rigorous physical and psychological training just to join the Philippine Military Academy ( PMA ). At start 345 plebes joined the incorporation rights and then it was cut down to the surviving 319 plebes that was formally recognized. According[…]

Panagbenga Festival Floats

Panagbenga Festival and its Visitors

Okay these photos are taken during the Panagbenga Festival 2014 Parade of floats just to show you the that Panagbenga Festival is really popular as it draws millions of visitors to come and witness the so called Panagbenga Festival specially the parade of floats, floats that are almost 100% covered with fresh flowers. It has[…]


Kamora High School

For the third time Kamora High School won the Panagbenga Festival street dancing for the open category They will, now be the new Panagbenga Festival Hall of Famer. Kamora high School is located at Kabayan, Benguet. Kamora High school defended their title against 4 other competing group aspiring to win or to grab the title[…]

Panagbenga Festival 2014

Panagbenga Festival Grand Street Dancing

Panagbenga Festival for the third time in the open category  Camora National Highschool of Kabayan, Benguet still won the and so as per the rules of Panagbenga Festival they will now be a Hall Of Famer and will not be joining the competition again for the coming years since they won the Panagbenga Festival Street Dancing[…]


Panagbenga Festival 2014 Temporary schedule “UPDATED”

  PANAGBENGA Festival 2014 (TEMPORARY SCHEDULES) February 1 Opening Ceremonies Panagbenga Park Grand Opening Parade: Drum & Lyre Dance Competition (Elementary Division) Panagbenga Park to Athletic Bowl Feb 1 to March 2 Market Encounter: Landscaping Exhibition and Exposition Lake Drive, Burnham Park February 14- 15 PMA Alumni Homecoming PMA Grounds February 16 Handog ng Panagbenga[…]

New Year in Baguio City

New Year in Baguio City

Ever wondered how does it look like during the new year in Baguio City? Well this 2014 New Year in Baguio was really a blast and I know lots of tourist who came here to experience the new year In Baguio City really enjoyed it not to mention the extreme cold temperature but also the[…]

Kangaroo Jack

Kangaroo Jack the Grill Expert

Ever came to Baguio City and was looking for a great Australian Restaurant but did not Found one? Well here is an Australian Restaurant that you can find here in Baguio City. Kangaroo Jack is one of the best and if I’m not mistaken it’s the first Australian Restaurant In Baguio City. Kangaroo Jack is[…]

Gong Festival 2013

Unity Walk – Gong Festival 2013 Celebration

The Gong Festival Gongs are one of the trademarks of the people in the northern part oh Philippines known as the Cordilleran or Igorots, gongs are use in many occasions. And everyone now a days even small kids once they hear the sound of the gongs the stand and dance with it or even yet[…]

104th Baguio Day

Baguio City Celebrates its 104th Birthday

For those who don’t know  the history of Baguio City it was declared as a chartered city by the Philippine Assembly last September 1, 1909, now after 104 years, we are still celebrating it. Some of the highlight of the event today is the awarding of outstanding citizen of Baguio also the oldest settlers still alive until[…]

GBG Baguio City

A Tribute to Baguio City on its 104th Birthday “Google Map up for Baguio'”

Did you ever travel to a place where it is your first time to go there? Did you ask for direction on where to go or what to take for a ride to go there? Well for me? Yes I have done it lots of time and end up wasting time on looking for the[…]


Tam-awan Int. Arts Festival Day 2

Okay 2nd day Before we start lets have some picture taking 1st, and since i want to learn the turayan dance so i set aside my camera and hold on to a gong. Deo…… Kenjie despite of a twisted foot still wearing a smile while dancing. Sing and dance This is my favorite shoot last[…]

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