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La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival 2017

Lets celebrate 36th Strawberry Festival 2017 in La Trinidad, Benguet, yes it’s La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival and not Baguio City. Since a lot of people mostly tourist are misinterpreting that Strawberries are coming from Baguio City but its not. And I always hear some tourist engage in a phone call and saying “Andito ako sa[…]

Kalie's Grill

Kalie’s Grill

Are you in Baguio and looking for a place to eat, with parking lot? Well Kalie’s Grill is just next to you it’s not in Baguio City but it’s 4 kilometers away from central Baguio. Kalie’s Grill is located at Pine Valley Plaza Building, KM. 4 La Trinidad, Benguet. And you can contact them here[…]

Zombie Run

Adivay Zombie Run

The Adivay Zombie run 2014: Apocalypse challenge will be more frightening, more thrilling, more challenging and more fun this year. Zombie run is a 5 kilometer run that will have 5 stages where in the runners must complete task before they can finish the race. The Zombie run will start at wangal sports ground to[…]

beestop Baguio City

beestop A taste of GenSan here in Baguio City

I want to eat tuna, a tuna that is really yummy and not just tuna that came from a can, that tuna where it was just mix with vinegar and some onions and ginger or the tuna that was just fried or the tuna that was grilled, the tuna that I can enjoy eating but[…]


PMA Salaknib Class 2017 Welcomes PMA ALAB TALA Class 2018

After 6 months of training comes the most awaited recognition right of 319 plebes who survived the very rigorous physical and psychological training just to join the Philippine Military Academy ( PMA ). At start 345 plebes joined the incorporation rights and then it was cut down to the surviving 319 plebes that was formally recognized. According[…]

Ibaloi Festival 2014

Ibaloi Festival

During the Panagbenga Festival not everyone is aware that another festival is going on in the same city, the Ibaloi festival is also being celebrated in Baguio City. Ibaloi Festival is obviously started by by the Ibaloi’s, these are people who originated in the towns of Benguet, these are Kabayan, Bukod, Tuba, Itogon, Tublay, La Trinidad,[…]

Resolution Run 2014

Resolution Run 2014

February 16, 2014 6:00am the start of the 21 kilometers Resolution Run 2014 and it was immediately followed by the 14 kilometers Category after 10 minutes. Resolution Run 2014 was Organized by the Extreme Cordillera Group, the Resolution Run’s route passes through  one of the beauty of Cordillera known as Mount Jumbo, as after the[…]

Panagbenga Festival 2014

Panagbenga Festival 2014 Officially Open

February 1 is always a busy day for the people of Baguio City and the nearby Cities, Municipalities and Provinces as this marks the opening of the most anticipated event of Baguio City, the Panagbenga Festival, the Panagbenga Festival is always been the highlighted event of Baguio City. As we all know that it has[…]

Santa Clauses Run

Extremes Cordillera Events 1st Santa Clauses Run

Extremes Cordillera Events organized it’s first Santa Clauses Run last December 2013, well this is the first here in Baguio City and Benguet. And I don’t know if there is one in the Philippines. The Santa Clauses Run has 3 Categories which lots of participants joined. Kids division is also opened so to be fair[…]


1st Zombie Run – ADIVAY Festival 2013

Benguet as they Celebrate ADIVAY Festival, one of the event that was organized by a NGO is the Zombie run in this 1st ever event in the Cordillera where runners are being chase by zombies in different spots and try to survive y protecting the ribbons that are tied in their different parts of their[…]

104th Baguio Day

Baguio City Celebrates its 104th Birthday

For those who don’t know  the history of Baguio City it was declared as a chartered city by the Philippine Assembly last September 1, 1909, now after 104 years, we are still celebrating it. Some of the highlight of the event today is the awarding of outstanding citizen of Baguio also the oldest settlers still alive until[…]

La Trinidad

La Trinidad a Short History

La Trinidad Shi Bunguit tan Kafagway is a Multi Cultural show that focuses on the history of La Trinidad, Benguet from the first people who came here in La Trinidad to the Spanish time, then the Americans and Japanese. This was performed by the various Cordilleran students that are currently studying if not a graduate[…]

DECAT 1st Year

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Published on: October 28, 2012

THE DECAT, ORGANIZES DIFFERENT PROGRAMS TO FOSTER COOPERATION AND WHOLESOME ENDEAVORS TOWARDS FOR THE BENEFIT AND DEVELOPMENT AMONG ITS MEMBERS… DECAT Mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive network in which every individual member has the opportunity to make new friends, build working relationships, help and guide others in their spiritual growth and[…]

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