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Shantong Soup

Shantong Soup in Baguio City

Have you ever heard of this Axe’s Cafe and Panciteria that is located along the Gibraltar Road, near the very famous Wright Park of Baguio City. Well part of being an event photographer or videographer is to mingle with clients and also to enjoy their treat after a photo shoot. Well I discovered Axe’s when[…]

mug printing

Looking for Mug printing?

Here are just samples of mugs printed by shuttercaptured the past year it was not sort according to clients but this year it will be sorted to clients that will be requesting for mugs prints. For your mug printing needs you can contact us at this number 09088674059. It also has to be noted that[…]


Tam-awan Int. Arts Festival Day 1

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Published on: October 28, 2012

TIAF or Tamawan International Arts Festival is an annual 7 days festival that showcases many of our culture and culture of other places during the 3rd TIAF that I joined as a participant and Documentation team this is where I learned more on the dances, chants, and playing of gongs of the Cordillerans.  So………..  […]

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