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Brrrgrrr Bistro

Brrrgrrr Bistro – A great Meal for a Great Appetite

Before we go on Brrrgrrr Bistro is found at Ili-likha Artist Village, it is one of the places where Baguio Artist display their art works and skills. And most of their arts showcase their love for nature. Brrrgrrr Bistro is known for its huge, fresh, juicy tasty burgers and when I say huge I really mean huge. So[…]

Happy House Cafe

Happy House Cafe – Sinto, Bauko, Mountain Province

Traveling to far places really requires a place where you can just rest. A place where you can just sit down for a while. Taking a break from just sitting down in the car. If you are by chance traveling north specifically to a well known place Sagada or towards Mountain Province Via Halsema Highway.[…]

lemon pie in Baguio

Lemon Pie In Baguio!!!!

Lemons! Delicious and healthy.  Lemons aren’t native in Baguio but nothing’s impossible when the tummy’s looking for some nourishing desert. And that is definitely the lemon pie in Baguio. Wait? Really? Where can I find those lemon pies?   It actually started from a simple try. One rainy day, we had this urge to have[…]

Kalie's Grill

Kalie’s Grill

Are you in Baguio and looking for a place to eat, with parking lot? Well Kalie’s Grill is just next to you it’s not in Baguio City but it’s 4 kilometers away from central Baguio. Kalie’s Grill is located at Pine Valley Plaza Building, KM. 4 La Trinidad, Benguet. And you can contact them here[…]

beestop Baguio City

beestop A taste of GenSan here in Baguio City

I want to eat tuna, a tuna that is really yummy and not just tuna that came from a can, that tuna where it was just mix with vinegar and some onions and ginger or the tuna that was just fried or the tuna that was grilled, the tuna that I can enjoy eating but[…]

komedor cafe and inn

komedor Cafe and Inn

Did you ever visited Mankayan Benguet? Or do you have plans of going there but don’t have any where to go for the night? Well don’t worry now Komedor Cafe and Inn is there to serve you with just 260Php a night per person is not a pain in the pocket and actually according to[…]

Choco late de Batirol


Have you ever been to Baguio City? Are you from Baguio City? So, have you ever heard or even tried this so called Choco late de Batirol that is found at Camp John Hay Baguio City, and it is just beside the road just after gate 2. If not then why not go out and[…]

Kangaroo Jack

Kangaroo Jack the Grill Expert

Ever came to Baguio City and was looking for a great Australian Restaurant but did not Found one? Well here is an Australian Restaurant that you can find here in Baguio City. Kangaroo Jack is one of the best and if I’m not mistaken it’s the first Australian Restaurant In Baguio City. Kangaroo Jack is[…]


SIP Milk Tea Shoppe

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Published on: August 17, 2013

Who have ever  thought that my first time to taste the so called milk tea is to an event that I was invited to or rather I joined. Well I was so lucky enough to join a taste testing event by SIP Milk Tea Shoppe that is located at the top floor of SM Baguio City[…]

Jim’s Retro Diner

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Published on: October 28, 2012

Tired of the same Snack bar or diner? I recommend you try Jim’s Retro Diner located at La Azotea Building, Session Road, Baguio City. I tried it myself and i was shocked with the sizes of their serving its really HHHHHHHUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEE. So be sure to bring your HHHHHHUUUGGGGGEEEEE appetite. and Ow yeah i Almost forgot[…]

Jollibee Crispy Wings

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Published on: October 28, 2012

This pictures are taken from Jollibee Harisson, Baguio branch as a photo blogger i was invited to try the new Jollibee Crispy wings, annnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd it was great. Kuya Guard pa Time in po The Jollibee Crew dancing Fellow Bloggers my Title? “Shooting the shooter’s shooter” A simple joy that Jollibee can provide to kids. The[…]

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