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Ibaloi Festival 2014

Ibaloi Festival

During the Panagbenga Festival not everyone is aware that another festival is going on in the same city, the Ibaloi festival is also being celebrated in Baguio City. Ibaloi Festival is obviously started by by the Ibaloi’s, these are people who originated in the towns of Benguet, these are¬†Kabayan, Bukod, Tuba, Itogon, Tublay, La Trinidad,[…]


Ibaloi Festival Schedule 2014

Ibaloi Festival Schedule 2014 CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES February 2 (Sunday): Opening Ceremonies -Cultural Parade (with Ibaloi music and dance) -Diyaw Indigenous Ritual (Ibaloi Heritage Garden, Burnham Park) -Opening Program PM: Children’s Workshops February 8 (Saturday) -Debon Ritual (9:00 AM) -Workshops: *Playing solibao, kimbal, kalsa, pinsak, and tikitik instruments *Dancing tayaw and bendian dances *The proper[…]

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