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AOC I2280SWD IPS Unboxing

AOC I2280SWD IPS one of the best sellers i saw online. AOC I2280SWD IPS is ah 21.5″ screen in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Features Flicker-Free eye to reduce fatigue-inducing screen flicker, Screen+ software for convenient multitasking, and e-Saver for automated power-saving.


AOC I2280SWD IPS a nice thin monitor. But it doesn’t have a DVI cable included in the box. And also not pre-calibrated when it arrived, I have to calibrate the color on my own. It’s is really recommended for designer’s that are looking looking for a cheap and nice monitor. It doesn’t look cheap, though it’s all made of plastic. For others that are looking for an HDMI port,  unfortunately no HDMI port for this item, but that’s fine for me, as long as it fits my budget.

It also comes with an ICC profile for the monitor on it’s disk from the package, It’s helpful because I won’t look for an appropriate color profile for it in case I failed to find one in the Internet.

So here are some pros and cons about AOC I2280SWD IPS.


  1. Affordable
  2. Thin Bezel
  3.  It comes with an ICC profile on the package.
  4.  Light
  5.  You can add wall mount.
  6.  Easy to assemble.



1.  You can only lean it back and fort.
2. You can’t pivot it.
3.  Bunch of useless software on the disk (IMO)
4.  Not pre-calibrated by the manufacturer.




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    Kastan gatgatangek tatta gwapo 😉

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