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Brrrgrrr Bistro – A great Meal for a Great Appetite

Before we go on Brrrgrrr Bistro is found at Ili-likha Artist Village, it is one of the places where Baguio Artist display their art works and skills. And most of their arts showcase their love for nature.

Brrrgrrr Bistro is known for its huge, fresh, juicy tasty burgers and when I say huge I really mean huge. So when you want to go and eat at Brrrgrrr you really have to bring your huge appetite also. With out, a doubt Brrgrrr Bistro takes pride with its 100% pure beef pattie with no preservatives and extenders. No preservatives meaning it is really made and cook daily and not to mention it is not pre-cook. So you may have to wait for a couple of minutes for them to cook it properly.

So what about the vegetables? As we all know La Trinidad and Baguio City also grows its own vegetables to Brrrgrrr Bistro can just buy its Lettuce and Tomatoes from the local market on a daily basis to also ensure the freshness and quality of the burgers. And ow-wwwww the bread? It is custom baked sesame seed from a known bakery in La Trinidad.

As Brrrgrrr Bistro says the secret to making a tasty bread is its freshness so I think they got it all. Also, they claim that their burger patties are 170 grams, and that is 50 grams more than a quarter pounder burger. And their bread is also 20grams more than the average bun size.

So much for that little background to start with. I got to know about this Brrrgrrr Bistro when I was scrolling my Facebook thread that this the photo of one of the customers pop out so I was like WOW a huge burger. I automatically conclude ow maybe the burger is too pricey so I did not bother looking at it. But then after some time pictures just kept on coming out day by day. So I was kind of curious, why are there still people going despite my initial theory that it’s expensive since it’s huge. So I look for the page and TADA prices are affordable.


Brrrgrrr Bistro
Deciding on what to order.

So I said I must go and try these burgers. But unfortunately, due to time constraints, it really took a long time for me and my wife had time to visit the area.

So what have we found out?


  1. The place

    Well, the place was fine. As mentioned above it is also a place when Baguio City Artist display their talent on their love for nature. So yes the area was all filled up with wood carvings. But mind you no trees were hurt with all these wood carvings. These wood carvings came from fallen trees by strong typhoons. Also, some of the woods used for the tables came from old houses that are not being used or destroyed for reconstruction. So yes again no trees were hurt during the building of these place.


2. What did we order?

Ow well since it’s just me and my wife. We decided to just order 1 huge Brrggrrr and try it first. And if it’s really worth it then we will come back and taste the other Brrgrrr. So we decided to order BrrrGasm Bacon Cheese Burger with 250grams of bacon and 5 slices of quick melt cheese. For our drinks, I ordered Lemonade and of course in a large mason Jar and for my wife Ice Chocolate Rocky Road Slush.

So the burger tastes really good, you can really taste everything the bacon, the patty and the freshness of the vegetables. The patty is really soft not like the other patty from other burger stands that it’s thin and hard and sometimes burned. And yes I did not finish everything

3. The Price?


Okay here comes the most common question that everybody has, the price. The Price is really low versus the actual burger. I did not really expect that you can eat a huge burger at a low price. So here are the prices. You also have to take note that these are the prices during the time that we went there. And prices are subject to change without prior notice from this blog.









Any Comments?

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