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Mountain Province Lang-ay Festival 2017

This is it Lang-ay Festival

Mountain Province Celebrates it 50th Golden Founding Anniversary and 13th Lang-ay Festival. It is known that Lang-ay Festival will aim is to continue and sustain the culture of the different Municipalities of Mountain Province. That is why during the festival foreign instruments  are not allowed during the performance. As you can see from the videos below only gongs and other cultural instruments are use during the Lang-ay Festival.

During the lang-ay Festival they also did  some Events like Lang-ay by the Street where in people got the chance to have their own share of the biggest patupat. Some traditional games are also participated by the Municipalities like Chepap si manok”Captured  the Chicken”, Sangkor, Agagtu, kadangkadang, and Fagfagto.

Fagfagto is a traditional event played by 2 communities in Bontoc where in after the harvest of rice when all rice fields are all cleared the participants from 2 communities trow stones to each other and it is believed that when one gets hit by the stone, during the planting of sweet potato it is believed that he/she will harvest bigger sweet potatoes than those who did not get hit by the stones being thrown by the opponent.

I also need you to know that these are the only events or games that we have witness for the day that we are there. So for the events or games we did not cover I cannot talk about that. But believe me there are a lot more than what I am posting, so next festival why not also attend the Festival and experience it yourself rather than just viewing pictures and watching videos of the Festival.

And these are the Municipalities that have joined the 50th Golden anniversary of Mountain Province and 13th Lang-ay Festival. 2 municipalities did not join the Lang-ay festival due to security issues for some incident that have happened before the festival started.


  1. Municipality of Tadian
  2. Municipality of Sadanga
  3. Municipality of Sabangan
  4. Municipality of Bontoc
  5. Municipality of Besao
  6. Municipality of Bauko
  7. Municipality of Barlig
  8. Municipality of Sagada


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Municipality of Tadian

Municipality of Sadanga

Municipality of Sabangan

Municipality of Bontoc

Municipality of Besao

Municipality of Bauko

Municipality of Barlig

Municipality of Sagada

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