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La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival 2017

Lets celebrate 36th Strawberry Festival 2017 in La Trinidad, Benguet, yes it’s La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival and not Baguio City. Since a lot of people mostly tourist are misinterpreting that Strawberries are coming from Baguio City but its not. And I always hear some tourist engage in a phone call and saying “Andito ako sa Baguio namimitas ng Stawberries”- I am here in Baguio picking ripe strawberries, but actually they are in La Trinidad’s Strawberry Fields.

Anyways I am now trying to integrate Videos of the event and not just photo since most of the people attending the event has cameras and can shoot pictures of the event but seldom I see somebody taking Videos. So here it is the La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival 2017.

This Year’s Strawberry festival is a bit different since there are now competitions like Street dancing and Drum and Lyre. And yes I got the opportunity to take videos of the competitions. But before that I also have some other videos of the Strawberry Festival 2017 during it’s Civic Parade last March 18. Just to share them with you guys. But don’t you worry once you scroll a little bit lower there you will find and the Videos of the Competitions.

And ow yeah before I forgot they also made a Replica of the Giant Strawberry Cake that had won and was recognized by Guinness Book of World record as the Largest strawberry cake ever made. With a measurement of 8.7FT wide, 12.3FT Long and 8.4FT high. That can go up to 42,083 slices. I am Very sure that this cake will feed the entire community. Pictures?????? Here it is.


Strawberry festival 2017


This are the Videos during the Strawberry Festival 2017 Civic Parade



1. Wangal School of Living Tradition


2. Kings College of the Philippines

3. Kings College of the Philippines


Ok the most awaited Strawberry Festival 2017 Videos

1. Barangay Ambiong


2. Pico Elementary School

3. Balili Cultural Group


4. Cordillera Career Development College Elementary School

5. Cordillera Career Development College BIMAAK

6. San Jose Elementary School

7. Lubas Elementary School

8. Shilan Migmingel Arts Group

9. Tawang Cultural Dancers

10. Puguis Elementary School

11. La Trinidad Central Elementary School

12. Benguet National High School Annex Puguis Cultural Group

13. Bekel Elementary School

14. Balili Elementary School

15. Ayuweng d Gangsa Cultural Federation



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