Making time when there is no time

Making time when there is no time

Being a husband, a father and an employee is stressful. Same goes with my wife and the idea of not having enough quality time for our son or for each other is breaking us to pieces. This is why having a short trip away from our comfort zone or just outside the city where our every basically revolves is a great way to unwind at the same time. After ages of choosing various places, we settled on going to a place close to our hearts. I mean, we planned to go there many times for an overnight weekend escapade but when we got married, priorities changed, more so when we had a son. I thought that beach was just a place for us when were just dating and not yet married. Yes, that is the place that witnessed our first days as a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) and that was 6 years ago as of this writing.

Then wife had been so stressed with her business that she suggested we go there. Initially, a few months ago, we planned to go there with cousins but then great grandma did not allow us to go due to traditional beliefs and she suggested we go to the hot spring instead. Well, knowing that my wife would not be satisfied until she gets what she wants especially if she worked hard on saving for it, she planned a trip and this time to the beach! She contacted a friend for reservations and she literally arranged everything. She just told me, you’ll be driving us there. No ifs, no buts. She teased me about my driving and if I know where to go. She kept on nagging me that I should ask Jhong (I fondly call him Labs by the way.) She was so excited that there are nights where she sleeps so late and imagine how the trip would go. That’s her. She doesn’t need to stay there overnight like she used to. She just wants to dip herself in the water and then that’s it.

So the day came. We woke up early. The kids, my son and his cousin, do not have any idea where they were going. Oh, I forgot, my sister-in-law fell in-love with the place too that even if she loves her sleep a lot, she woke so that she will not be left at home.  ☺ ☺ On the way, the kids were enjoying the view. It is different from the usual home-city view. My nephew even blurted out of the blue, “Mommy Heart, nailak san baey di Panda.” (Mommy Heart, I saw the Panda’s house.) Then they counted how many animals might be living on the mountains along the way.

Speaking of my wife’s teasing, we indeed got lost. Of course, there were more teasing. It did not end from being lost but also teasing each other about driving. Papa Clair did not escape the teasing as well when we encountered a driver having difficulty going up the road to Quirino Hill. I’d rather keep the rest of the story a secret. Shhhh! Tita Megan od nga!

Finally, we arrived at our destination. I totally forgot about my wife’s excitement since I just carried my son and took him straight to the water. What a joy it is to see him so happy. He’s not scared because the waves are not strong. By the way, the reason why my wife wanted to go there is because the place is child-friendly. Then we had endless lying on the shore, scrubbing of sand as well as teasing and screaming.

This trip is different. Compared to the last time we were there, I guess the joy is more on the time with friends with booze and pulutan (canned meat loaf.) Now, I find joy in seeing my son and his cousin enjoy. My wife just kept on smiling watching them play. I knew she was satisfied. Grandpa is too. Oh, and my sister-in-law as well. I’m sure she can’t help telling stories about the place.

After a lot of convincing, the kids finally agreed that it is time to go home. That was a short but sweet trip. At the end of the day, quality time is not just about the length of being together but the bond built in that time.

Thank you for the car Manong Mike. Thank you Lord for family and the opportunity to finally sate my wife’s desire as well as to introduce the sea and the starfish to the kids.



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