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Shantong Soup in Baguio City

Have you ever heard of this Axe’s Cafe and Panciteria that is located along the Gibraltar Road, near the very famous Wright Park of Baguio City. Well part of being an event photographer or videographer is to mingle with clients and also to enjoy their treat after a photo shoot. Well I discovered Axe’s when we were doing an early prenup shoot near mansion house and after the shoot the groom suggested that we go for a late breakfast and at the same time early lunch at axe’s and one of my business partner immediately mentioned “Shantong” and I was like What? What’s that shantong all about?

Shantong Soup

So Dean Cuanso¬†explained to me all about Shantong Soup and Axe’s is one of the best in Baguio that serves Shantong Soup. And also not to mention that Axe’s Serves the traditional Shantong Soup as how the Chinese do it, and that Axe’s is one of the first cafe here in Baguio City to offer shantong soup to the public. So I said to myself okey this is a must try recipe.

After trying the soup yeah. I just want to say that this is a must try when you are in Baguio visiting or exploring some of the restaurants the city has to offer. so what are you waiting for try it for your self.



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