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Personalized T-shirt Printing

Okay a new portfolio for this year. A group of friends requested for a personalized t-shirts. And I said okay yes where is the design for your personalized t-shirt and yes they gave me their design but as the negotiation goes on also designs change for better quality and looks also to consider the budget that they have. With so many discussions and negotiations and revisions with the design and price of their own personalized t-shirts we ended up that they will have the same design but different font colors and that is really a personalized t-shirt and I really mean personalized t-shirt for every single one of them.

And you might be asking how many personalized t-shirt did they order? Well they just ordered 9 personalized t-shirt. And yes I also accept orders in that number but we also have to consider that it’s a bit pricey since materials when being bought you can only get the wholesale price when you have a minimum order of 100pcs for example the price 105 or more pieces of blank t-shirts is different from the price of  t-shirt less than 100 pieces.

So do you also want a personalized t-shirt for you I can be contacted at this number 09088674059 or you can email me at and I will be glad to entertain you with what ever you need. Also it’s not just personalized t-shirt that I am offering I can also do any personalized printing like mugs, plates, invitations for all occasions or Photo and or Video coverage for any event also company or school PVC ID. So what are you waiting for just give me a beep.

I’m sure you want to see their Personalized t-shirts.




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