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Mt Ulap

Mt Ulap Eco Trail

Mt Ulap The Background   Mt Ulap was once a just playground of the of the locals of Philex-Ampucao. It is somewhat called a free for all for all levels  of trekkers to climb. In 2010 local tourism offices a like notice that Mt Ulap is gaining popularity to both local and intentional tourist alike.[…]



The Acer S200HQL LED Monitor a 19.5″ in size gives you great visuals. With a native resolution of 1600 x 900, Acer S200HQL LED Monitor give customers a  crisp and clear images right off the screen. It also saves you the trouble of having to adjust your light, its brightness and viewing angle gives your eyes[…]

AOC M2060SWD LED Unboxing

Acer V196HQL LED MONITOR Unboxing

Acer V196HQL LED Monitor is all around plastic but has a shiny look.  Acer V196HQL LED Monitor has the brand logo at the lower center of the monitor and its power button on the lower  right corner and the adjustment buttons underneath but does not have visible labeling. Well depending on the position of the[…]

AOC M2060SWD LED Unboxing

AOC M2060SWD LED Unboxing

These time I got the chance to unbox one of AOC’s 60 Series LED The 19.53″ AOC M2060SWD monitor, this  AOC M2060SWD Monitor supports full HD resolution it is designed with a FUHD MVA Panel. This helps in ensuring that there will be no changes in brightness or color from any viewing angle. The AOC M2060SWD[…]

AOC I2280SWD IPS Unboxing

AOC I2280SWD IPS one of the best sellers i saw online. AOC I2280SWD IPS is ah 21.5″ screen in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Features Flicker-Free eye to reduce fatigue-inducing screen flicker, Screen+ software for convenient multitasking, and e-Saver for automated power-saving.   AOC I2280SWD IPS a nice thin monitor. But it doesn’t have a[…]

Brrrgrrr Bistro

Brrrgrrr Bistro – A great Meal for a Great Appetite

Before we go on Brrrgrrr Bistro is found at Ili-likha Artist Village, it is one of the places where Baguio Artist display their art works and skills. And most of their arts showcase their love for nature. Brrrgrrr Bistro is known for its huge, fresh, juicy tasty burgers and when I say huge I really mean huge. So[…]

Happy House Cafe

Happy House Cafe – Sinto, Bauko, Mountain Province

Traveling to far places really requires a place where you can just rest. A place where you can just sit down for a while. Taking a break from just sitting down in the car. If you are by chance traveling north specifically to a well known place Sagada or towards Mountain Province Via Halsema Highway.[…]

Opdas Mass Burial Cave

Gone to Opdas Mass Burial Cave, Kabayan

Okay so being a event photographer and videographer will really take you to places where you will discover also other things. Other things like what we have discovered the Opdas Mass burial Cave. 3 hours ride from Baguio City you will find a peaceful town called Kabayan. A Municipality of Benguet Province here in the[…]

Lang-ay Festival 2017

Mountain Province Lang-ay Festival 2017

This is it Lang-ay Festival Mountain Province Celebrates it 50th Golden Founding Anniversary and 13th Lang-ay Festival. It is known that Lang-ay Festival will aim is to continue and sustain the culture of the different Municipalities of Mountain Province. That is why during the festival foreign instruments  are not allowed during the performance. As you[…]

La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival 2017

Lets celebrate 36th Strawberry Festival 2017 in La Trinidad, Benguet, yes it’s La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival and not Baguio City. Since a lot of people mostly tourist are misinterpreting that Strawberries are coming from Baguio City but its not. And I always hear some tourist engage in a phone call and saying “Andito ako sa[…]

Panagbenga Grand Float Parade

Panagbenga 2017 Grand Float Parade

So here I am again posting pictures of the Panagbenga Festival Grand Float Parade. The Panagbenga Grand Float Parade as describe by the BFFFI as “The major highlight of the Festival, the biggest and grandest of its kind in the country. Flowers and other organic material decked floats are paraded and displayed.”  Yes it is[…]

Panagbenga Festival 2017

Panagbenga Street Dancing Competition – 2017 **Updated**

  Baguio’s Flower festival or commonly called “Panagbenga” is a yearly event and one of the most anticipated event here in Baguio City. Not only by locals but most specially tourist from all over the Philippines and around the world. The 2 most awaited event of the festival is the Grand Street Parade Participated by[…]

panagbenga festival

All set for Baguio Panagbenga 2017

Baguio City all set for the upcoming Panagbenga 2017. Here are the traditional events that are scheduled for you. For years I had been shooting and posting pictures of the Panagbenga Festival and I was hoping that I can still shoot the Panagbenga 2017 Festival for you to view it on my blog. Bur for[…]

Making time when there is no time

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Published on: September 13, 2016

Making time when there is no time Being a husband, a father and an employee is stressful. Same goes with my wife and the idea of not having enough quality time for our son or for each other is breaking us to pieces. This is why having a short trip away from our comfort zone[…]

The residences at Brent

Residences at Brent opens Forbes Hall

March 12,2016 marks the day that The Residences at Brent opens its newest building the Forbes hall. The residences at Brent – Forbes Hall has a total of 22 units ready to be occupied anytime. The 22 units are spacious enough that occupants can choose from a 1 bedroom unit (64-72 sqm), a 2 bedroom[…]

Shantong Soup

Shantong Soup in Baguio City

Have you ever heard of this Axe’s Cafe and Panciteria that is located along the Gibraltar Road, near the very famous Wright Park of Baguio City. Well part of being an event photographer or videographer is to mingle with clients and also to enjoy their treat after a photo shoot. Well I discovered Axe’s when[…]

Panagbenga 2016 street dancing

Panagbenga 2016 Street Dancing

Once again i had the chance to capture some of the performance during the annual celebration of Panagbenga 2016 Street Dancing. As we all now that this is one of the event that many people are anticipating yearly. There are 8 entries for the elementary division and 8 entries for the open category during the[…]

Christmas Village

Family time: A night at Baguio Christmas Village 2015

While the Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas celebration, it is always been anticipated because of the extravagant decorations and feasts. Baguio Christmas village is just an example of that. We’d been to the Christmas village 2 years ago with my nephews and it was a gratifying experience. The kids enjoyed the “snow”[…]

personalized t-shirt

Personalized T-shirt Printing

Okay a new portfolio for this year. A group of friends requested for a personalized t-shirts. And I said okay yes where is the design for your personalized t-shirt and yes they gave me their design but as the negotiation goes on also designs change for better quality and looks also to consider the budget[…]

Sagada Tour Package

Sagada Tour Package Assistance

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Published on: February 25, 2015

Ok so do you want a time to relax? To get away from stress life? But you do not know where to go or better yet don’t know how to go to the place you want to go. Disappointing right? Well worry no more if you want a tour here in the northern part of[…]

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